Securing Your
Digital World

The exclusive VIP Cybersecurity Program protects your digital hardware, software, and online footprint.

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The VIP Cybersecurity Program

From monitoring your social media to protecting your devices, only Hollywood BES offers complete digital security in a convenient package - and with concierge service for VIP clients.

Anonymity & Public Reputation Protection

The VIP Cybersecurity Program offers a comprehensive online assessment of client data (name, phone number, emails, breaches, leaked passwords, addresses, relatives, etc.) allows us to identify, isolate, and erase information that can impact your general privacy, physical safety, and security. The information which cannot be removed will be shared with you for awareness of the exposure, and how you may mitigate future instances accordingly.

Managed Services

You will have access to the best IT and Wireless services, managed by knowledgeable consultants who have access to vendor, manufacturer, application, carrier, and industry resources to ensure the right solution for each client. The VIP Cybersecurity Program makes it easy and flexible by offering several methods to work with us: including onsite, remote or phone support, custom portals, and integration with your existing infrastructure.

SIM-Swap Fraud Protection

SIM-Swap Fraud is one of the most common and dangerous issues affecting VIP’s and high-profile organizations today. We provide a completely private wireless carrier portal where no one besides us can view or make changes.

Hardening And Removing System Vulnerabilities

The VIP Cybersecurity Program offers this additional assurance to the Microsoft Office 365 platform, based on years of learning and refining this security with the specific needs of entertainers, high-profile individuals and brands.

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